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Mobile Phone


Powerful features right in your pocket. Manage and promote your website. Get dashboard features on mobile to manage your website, anywhere. Create and share social posts to promote your offerings. Build and send email marketing campaigns to drive repeat site traffic.

Chat Live with Visitors. Set up automatic greetings to engage visitors via live chat. Reply instantly to messages from site visitors. Use live chat to close deals and send coupons to boost sales.

Track Analytics in Real-Time. View live stats on how many people are interacting with your site. Track which campaigns are bringing you the most traffic. See how your online store is performing over different time periodsֿ.

Monitor how many people have read and shared your blog.

Manage your community from mobile. Create a group or forum around your business directly from your phone. Approve new members and set group permissions. Upload articles, images, videos and more with your members. Get notifications on group and forum activity.

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